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TRI Industries provides recycling solutions to a broad customer base throughout the world. TRI Industries is focused on the collection, reuse, and recycling of laser and inkjet printer cartridge.

The innovative recycling solutions we bring to market are created and implemented with an understanding of the impact our company has on the environment.

Therefore, and in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001, TRI Industries is committed to:

  • Managing our processes, materials and workforce in order to achieve continual improvement in our environmental performance
  • Integrating environmental considerations into the selection of suppliers and sub-contractors, recycling processes, materials and energy usage
  • Taking steps to prevent or minimize pollution arising as a result of our activities
  • Setting objectives and targets for environmental improvement and reviewing actual results to targets monthly
  • Demonstrating a commitment to full compliance with relevant legal and regulatory obligations

It is our customized and targeted collection programs combined with our industry-leading technology and processes that differentiates  TRI Industries in the marketplace. As our mission states – TRI Industries is dedicated to providing our customers with innovative recycling solutions designed to protect the environment.

TRI Industries, NFP is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Since 1977, we have been providing job training and employment opportunities for American’s with significant disabilities.

TRI Industries works with the community to seek out people who are blind or have other significant disabilities, helping to enhance their quality of life.

TRI Industries is a proud member of the AbilityOne Network. Providing employment opportunities to more than 47,000 people, the AbilityOne® Program is the largest single source of employment for people who are blind or have other significant disabilities in the United States. More than 600 participating nonprofit organizations employ these individuals. The AbilityOne® Program has allowed people who are blind or who have other significant disabilities to acquire job skills and training, receive wages and benefits, and gain greater independence and quality of life. Through the  AbilityOne®Program, people with disabilities have the opportunity to enjoy participation in their communities and can market their AbilityOne® skills into other public and private sector jobs.

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